Top 8 Bolivian bird facts

Black-hooded Sunbeam (Aglaeactis Pamela) © D. Alarcón / C. MateuDiscover more about the birds of Boliva and why the country should be a top bird watching destination

  • Species diversity

With a total of 1430 species recorded to date, Bolivia is the fifth richest Neotropical country and the sixth richest country globally in terms of bird diversity

  • High endemism

Bolivia has 17 endemics, plus an additional 12 species that are nearly endemic and thus best observed in Bolivia

  • World leader

Bolivia is the most species-rich landlocked country in the world for birds

  • Species density

When excluding marine birds and considering land area encompassed within national boundaries, bird species density (number of species per 1000 km2) in Bolivia (1.29) is very similar to that of Peru (1.35) and Colombia (1.54), and over six times greater than that of Brazil (0.20) – and 33 times greater than that of North America (0.04)!

  • Spectacular macaws

Bolivia is home to no less than 12 species of macaws (two of them being endemic) – more than any other country on Earth

  • Wildlife-rich parks

Bolivia is home to the world’s richest protected area, Madidi National Park, which is less than half the size of Costa Rica, but harbors more bird species than the country does

  • Breathtaking landscapes

Bolivia is a country of breathtaking landscapes, ecoregional extremes, and ecoregional transitions, ranging from lush Amazonian rain forest in the north to arid Chaco thorn scrub in the south – from dripping wet cloud and elfin forest to inter-Andean cactus forest or bone-dry southern Puna grassland and extensive salt flats – from Cerrado and seasonally inundated grassland at almost sea level to glacier fields on high-Andean peaks

  • Preserved habitats

Most ecoregions and habitats are still fairly well preserved compared to other Neotropical countries, providing for unique bird watching experiences

Makes you wonder why you haven’t been bird watching in Bolivia before, doesn’t it?

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