Meet the Birds of Bolivia team

James's Flamingo (Phoenicoparrus jamesi) © SK HerzogThe entire project is being coordinated by Sebastian Herzog, Scientific Director of Asociación Armonía, as the editor and first author. The field guide and handbook set will have a series of coauthors with extensive field experience and expertise on the birds of one or more regions.

This multi-author approach reflects the evolution of the project idea. The plan of this field guide has come about through conversations with a wide range of ornithologists and conservationists, many of which support the project and wish to contribute their knowledge and experience.

Meet the authors

Collaborating authors include Bolivian ornithologists:

  • Oswaldo Maillard (Asociación Armonía),
  • Alex Jahn (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
  • Víctor García-Solíz (Asociación Armonía),
  • José Balderrama (Centro de Biodiversidad y Genética, Cochabamba).

As well as ornithologists of other nationalities that are resident in Bolivia or have worked extensively in the country:

  • Nacho Areta (CICyTTP-CONICET, Argentina),
  • Ross MacLeod (Glasgow University),
  • Quillén Vidoz (Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado, Santa Cruz),
  • Van Remsen (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge),
  • Aidan Maccormick.

Meet the illustrators

The color plates, an equally important component of every field guide, are being painted by a number of outstanding artists:

  • Bolivia’s foremost bird artist, Oscar Tintaya;
  • Danish bird artist, Carl Christian Tofte;
  • Quillén Vidoz and Héctor Slongo, two young, up-and-coming Argentine field ornithologist and bird artists;
  • Brazilian artist Raphael Dutra;
  • German botanist and ornithologist, Michael Kessler (Botanical Garden, University of Zürich).

In addition, the renowned bird artist and expert on Andean birds Jon Fjeldså (Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen) has made the artwork of his classic field guide “Birds of the High Andes” available to the project.

Find out more about the team


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