How can I help?

Black-throated Thistletail (Asthenes Harterti) © D. Alarcón / C. MateuWe need support to complete the first field guide to Bolivian birds

Even though this non-profit project has so far received financial support from various organizations, we still need your help to reach completion of the bilingual field guide and the English and Spanish handbook versions. Donations secured to date from project supporters cover over three quarters of the planned total production costs (excluding printing costs).

We count on a very dedicated team of top-notch, mostly volunteer authors. Our outstanding Bolivian and international illustrators work for special rates far below the internationally common fees for field guide illustrators.

If you would like to know more about current budgets and the financial standings of the project, please contact the project coordinator Sebastian Herzog (

Your support acknowledged

Donations of all amounts are highly welcome. Names of all supporters will be mentioned in a special acknowledgments section in both the field guide and the handbook.

For a personal donation of US$ 250 or greater you will receive a free hand-signed copy of the field guide and handbook as well as a donation certificate.

For donations exceeding US$ 2,500 please contact us so that we can offer you a personalized patron package in addition to the above mentioned products as a special acknowledgement for your generous support. A patron package includes, as a minimum, a signed and numbered offprint of one of the plates and a CD set of the vocalizations of the majority of bird species encountered in Bolivia.

For contributions exceeding US$ 5,000 you will receive an original plate signed by the artist instead of a numbered offprint.

How to donate?

There are several options but in all cases please get in touch with the project coordinator Sebastian Herzog (

1. Small non-tax deductible donations in the US
Please send a check made out to Asociación Civil Armonía to:
c/o Wratten
48 Douglas drive
Norwalk, CT 06850

2. Online donations, fully tax deductible in the US
Armonía is a World Land Trust-US partner. Donations to Armonía can be received by World Land Trust-US, which is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are fully tax deductible according to law. To make your donation, please click on the link below. In the designation field please write “Armonia-bird guide”.
Make a donation through World Land Trust-US »

3. Moneybookers or PayPal
Please contact the project coordinator Sebastian Herzog ( for details.

4. Larger donations by bank wire transfer
Please contact the project coordinator Sebastian Herzog (, letting us know from which country and in which currency you would like to make your donation.


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